Parents are always very concerned about the bedding choice of their newborns because the first few years are very crucial for the baby as it is the perfect time for the baby to sleep and grow. Now you might wonder which is the correct choice of bedding for your 6-18 month baby. Are 6 to 18 month sleeping bags a good choice or not? You have stumbled upon the right article because this is the article that is going to tackle all of your queries. 

Bedding For The First Few Months

For the first two months or so, swaddles are thought to be the best choice because babies are used to having the feeling of the womb, so they like being tightly wrapped around, and they seek this comfort of the womb. Many companies have designed swaddles, but soon, this swaddle becomes dangerous for the well-being of the baby because it increases the risk of SIDS because your baby starts to move around and rollover. 

Loose blankets are also very dangerous for the baby because your little baby might get tangled in those loose duvets, or there is also a risk of the baby moving and getting uncovered throughout the night, and the baby might even catch a cold and get sick. 

Are Sleeping Bags A Good Option For Your Child?

Swaddles, babacacs, grobags/growbags, baby sleep sacks, and other sleeping items on the market all promise to make your baby's sleep more tranquil. All of them, however, are not appropriate for all babies. For instance, some babies like a sleeping bag with legs because they provide more freedom to your child. You might choose different sleep bags for the various seasons to help keep your baby at the right temperature. Since they prevent your child from crawling out from under the blankets and covering their head, baby sleeping bags are a great option.

5 Reasons You Should Use A Baby Sleeping Bags

  • Reduce the risk of SIDS by baby's rolling over
  • You can easily move your child
  • It is an elegant choice of bedding
  • You have more variety to choose from

Choosing The Right Sleep Bag For Your Baby Requires

  • Choose the one that allows your child's undisturbed sleep
  • Freedom to your newborn
  • Avoid SIDS possibilities
  • Easy on the pocket

Benefits Of Using 6-18 Month Sleeping Bags

  • Guarantees a tranquil, undisturbed sleep throughout the night
  • Guarantees undisturbed sleep for your newborn
  • You can choose from multiple TOG ratings and designs
  • Your baby will remain warm and peaceful
  • An elegant choice of bedding for your newborn

Sleep Bags With Restricted Options

There are so many different sleeping bags, including sleep sacs, bags with split legs, and detachable sleeves. You should choose a sleeping bag that gives you choices. Why not buy a product that can be altered to meet your demands when there are many options in the market? According to the aforementioned characteristics, sleeping bags with removable sleeves and split legs are the best choices for infants between the ages of 6-18 months because these babies want freedom. So when it's cold outside, sleeves can keep your baby warm, and they are simple to take off when it's a little warmer. Similarly, there should be the option of legs so that you can put your baby in a highchair when you want to. Sleep Bags with restricted options need to be avoided. 

Where Can You Find Sleeping Bag with Legs?

In the UK, there are several companies that sell sleeping bags for children between the ages of 6-18 months and bags with legs. Some have the choice of split legs, while others do not. To assist you in selecting the product that meets the parameters you are looking for, the top brands have been mentioned.


They provide a super soft, luxurious cotton sleeping bag with legs and detachable sleeves for all sizes above 6 months (please note 0-6 months do not have sleeves). The 2.5 tog toddler sleeping bag with legs is made of 100% island cotton. It is extremely cozy, breathable, and toasty, thanks to advanced grinding technology. Special filling technology can keep the cotton from running and clumping. No pilling, no fade, no deformation, no fluorescent! The winter sleeping bag for toddlers sure will create a comfortable and safe sleeping environment in winter.

Their infant sleeping bags come in a range of TOG ratings and inventive, distinctive, and exquisite designs, such as sleeves with removable arms and split legs. You can make your baby wear the sleeves to shield them from the cold, and if it starts to get a bit warm, you can take the sleeves off to help your baby feel more comfortable.


  • Easy to Change Diapers
  • Double zip system to separate the legs.
  • Luxury Cotton
  • Available in 6-18 months 
  • Split Legs & Travel Friendly


  • No variety for summers
  • Stock not available in less than 1.5 TOG

Tomme Tippe

In Their 6-18 month sleeping bag, 85% of infants sleep more soundly: by ensuring there are no loose covers for babies to throw off, baby sleep bags help them maintain their body heat while they are sleeping. If babies sleep soundly, then parents do too. Moreover, their simple two-way zip design is ideal for overnight diaper changes since it allows you to keep the baby warm and cozy at the top while unzipping from the bottom for a quick change with the least amount of disruption. 


  • 100% Cotton
  • Babies sleep better


  • Slightly expensive


They claim that their organic cotton MoeMoe Baby toddler sleep sack is packed with rayon, which is soft, toasty, and breathable and has a thermostatic absorption of perspiration. Simple to care for and machine washable, they don't pill or wrinkle even after numerous washings. 


  • 2-way zip for an easier diaper change
  • Keeps babies warm


  • Sleeves are not detachable


Multiple companies in the UK are selling 6 to 18 month sleeping bags, but it is important to select the one which is going to give you more options, like detaching sleeves when required and split legs. Moreover, you should also look at the prices and choose the one with budget-friendly prices.